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Strategic Consultancy

Designed to get you to, and keep you on the right road to learning and development within your organisation.

Chapter 1 : Objectives

The objective is to translate your e-Learning Needs Analysis into a strategic action plan that proposes strategies, services, products, individual projects, costs, and timelines. Use this plan to develop and implement the successful training and performance solutions. These solutions are intended to train an innovative, competitive workforce, assist achieving  strategic excellence and a competitive advantage, and ensure systemic change, innovation, and sustainability.

Chapter 2 : Developing a Strategic Plan

Strategic planning may address some or all or some of the following:

  • Project Analysis and Management Plan
  • Project model, developed through analysis and synthesis, this process describes the foundation, direction, and outcomes for the project. It is a blueprint that visually represents a comprehensive, cogent view of your learning requirements and objectives, work models, systems, and processes, knowledge, performance, and instructional requirements and objectives, performance measures, and criteria for evaluation. In other words, this is a look at the entire system and what you want to accomplish.
  • Organizational Development Materials
  • Assessment and Instructional Specifications
  • Instructional Product Development
  • Data Collection/Analysis/Synthesis Process
  • Progress and Performance Reporting Budgeting,
  • Resource Management and Scheduling
  • Optional E-Commerce, Performance, and Knowledge Base Development and Management
  • Quality Control
  • Standards, Criteria, and Evaluation.

Chapter 3 : Strategic Planning: Deliverables

Five-Phase Strategic Plan Process

1. Strategic Analysis, Planning, and Goal Setting

2. Strategies and Resource Requirements

3. Organization, Management, and Administrative Strategies

4. Metrics and Benchmarking

5. Implementation 6. Evaluation

Chapter 4 : Tips for Proposed System Design

Propose a specific 1-2 and a less specific 2-3-year vision.

  1. Ensure tight integration between business, human resources, and knowledge and performance management.
  2. Focus on the learner, learning, and improved performance, not the tools and technology.
  3. Provide evolving policies, systems, strategies, processes, and prototyping that implement products over incremental improvement cycles.
  4. Transition analysis into comprehensive, long-term, evolving problem-solving objectives and strategies (i.e., identify the gaps, fulfill requirements for today, and plan for tomorrow)
  5. Provide strategies for developing on and offline blended solutions that support enterprise-wide infrastructure, individualized environments, supportive online learning relationships, collaboration, communication, and e-learning culture.
  6. Provide strategies (design and technology) for sharing or repurposing resources (e.g., interweave transition between instruction, performance, and knowledge management).
  7. Provide realistic learning and performance objectives and solutions. Measure not only improved business and performance, but also improved online learning ability (more self-motivated, self-directed, and self-assessed learning).
  8. Benchmark today’s solution and provide evaluation criteria for today’s and tomorrow’s evolving solutions.
  9. Consider scalability, security, global standards, global communication and infrastructure, and evolving requirements.

Chapter 5 : Developing Individual Project Management Plans

  1. Strategic Analysis
  2. Design & Development
  3. Budget & Resource Management
  4. Accountability, and Reporting
  5. Continuing Executive and Management Support f. Delivery and Technology Use d. Implementation
  6. Evaluation
  7. Marketing
  8. Support & Maintenance
  9. Reflection and Renewal

Gary Benner


Pioneer in implementing open source Learning Management Systems in New Zealand, currently providing support services to the e-Learning industry, both academic and workplace. Developing rich media online content and training and consultancy services. Clients include DHB’s, PTE’s, Schools, many nationwide businesses, and even a Home School.

Initial Consultation

A first up meeting to get to know one another, and determine a scope of on-going involvement.

Consultancy Contract

With a plan, based around a clear set of objectives, we can then work to create a dynamic and effective learning environment for your organsiation.