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Advanced Features

OnlearnLMS provides a set of advanced featuers that will provide additional facilities to expand your LMS.

Structured Relationships

For Workplace use, it is often necessary to manage the relationships between staff, so that reporting and administrative functions are managed effectively.

OnlearnLMS provides a database based structure providing the following structures:

  • Regions
  • Organisations
  • Manager
  • Branch
  • Department

Learning Reporting then allows Managers to view the performance of their staff only, with breakdown by department and Branch.

Administrator Menu

An icon based Menu System for the enhanced features provided by OnlearnLMS.

Training Plans

In Workplace e-Learning, it is often necessary to set out a prescribed set of learning, and then monitor the progress that each staff member is making. Combining the Structured Relationships features, this allows a Manager to easily view and obtain reports of the progress made by their staff.

Competencies System

Sometimes the assessment of Staff competencies is best done by face to face interaction. To integrate the online learning with this mode, OnlearnLMS provides a unique Competencies system, whereby a Manager is provided with an Assessment Document (eg. checklist) which can be downloaded, then completed and optionally uploaded.

Live Event & Booking System

The Live Event & Booking System provides the management of face to face Events. Implemented a Course Block, and a dedicated section in the OnlearnLMS Administrator Menu. Once users have completed theoretical components of their learning, they are eligible to book into face to face or Live Events.

This system includes automated emails at registration, and also scheduled emails prior to and after the Event.

e-Commerce & Voucher System

The Voucher system provides the capability to generate or sell online a Voucher that provides access to Courses online.

The Vouchers can be assigned multiple uses, with a decrementing counter as it is used. A notification is provided to the administrator when the number of uses reaches an assigned low level.

When sold online, the Vouchers can be paid for via Paypal or configured Payment Gateways.

Custom Course Navigation

Access to relevant Courses is made simple and engaging using a number of custom Course Navigation Modules:

  • Animated Carousel
  • Structured Search with Current, Popular, &  Watchlist
  • Popup Preview

Mobile Views

OnlearnLMS provides a feature whereby selected Document and resources are made available by an easy to use Mobile friendly view.

The Mobile friendly Resources can be provided in the Mobile View Block, and when accessed via the Mobile View on a Smartphone, that is all that is seen, keeping the interface simple and uncomplicated.

    Courses: Custom Buttons

    This Activity Module consists of up to four managed image buttons, which can be easily configured without having HTML or CSS knowledge.

    This module comes with a set of images for READ, VIEW, ASSESS, REVIEW, QUIZ etc images.

    Courses: Note to teacher

    This Activity Module provides a plain site set of instructions for the Course Teacher that can be placed within each Section, with instructions designed by the Course creator.

    These instructions are not visible to the students or learners.

    Lightbox Presentation

    The Lightbox effect is a well known presentation tool for images, videos, and document presentation. OnlearnLMS provides this easily and effectively using special links that reference a file or activity by it’s IDNumber.

    The user experience is what is called “modal”, ie the user is captured in that mode, and any attempt to leave the view takes them completely out of the view. This helps ensure total focus on the topic at hand, and also provide a disincentive to do other things at the same time.

    It is also a very powerful visual effect.

    The Lightbox invocation is very fast, as it does not require a full page refresh, and when exiting leaves the user exactly where they were prior to that.

    Embedded Audio Player

    While audio players have always been supported, this feature opens the player in the same screen, alongside or underneath the location of the link that invokes it.

    As with the Lightbox effect, this feature is quick, and very slick.

    Page Flip PDF’s

    Viewing PDF files online can be very boring, and the Page Flip effect makes this process far more engaging.

    the OnlearnLMS Page Flip takes an uploaded PDF file and coverts it into images that are then displayed with the animation that mimics the process of turning the pages of a book as in real life.


    This Block provides a visual representation of a bookshelf, with a set of shelves with two “books” per shelf. The “books” appear as a standard image but can be linked to any internal or external resource.

    Typically the resources appear in the Lightbox.

    Dynamic Watermarked PDF’s

    Sometimes it is important to protect your intellectual property. Any process that distributes PDF files is open to abuse, however watermarking of  a document with the current user’s details dynamically, provides an effective disincentive to illegally distribute a document.

    OnlearnLMS provides a mechanism to insert the current user’s name, email, and a date at the bottom of every page of the PDF before downloading it to that user.

    Animated Flash Cards

    Most of the Flash card applications available are not that “flash”. This feature provides an Activity with the ability to insert a number of cards, and display then as designed, or in random order. The user interface is simple, and requires a minimum of user clicks to work their way through the card set.

    Scheduled Emails System

    Scheduled Emails provide a structured learning experience over a period of time. This is particularly useful where the learning is “unattended”. Each user is sent a series of emails, configured in the system, with a start date from when they enrolled in the Course, and thereby provides ongoing encouragement and assistance as they work through the topics on the Course.

    The periods for each email can be set individually for any number of days, weeks or months from the start date.

    Courses: Hidden Resource Area

    One of the criticisms of the original LMS is the very textual design of the Course layout. OnlearnLMS provides an opportunity to get away from this using a technique whereby the last topic of every course is hidden from Student view, and coloured with a light red background.

    Resources and activities can then be loaded therein, and the main Topic Sections can use standard HTML design, or the HTML Labels mentioned below, to provide a far more engaging experience.

    Courses: HTML Label Templates

    The OnlearnLMS Label templates provide a set of pre-designed buttons and formats for inserting in any Topic, making the design of a very appealing user interface easy and quick.

    The buttons are pre-configured with the OnlearnLMS links requiring only the insertion of a linking ID for the intended resource or activity.

    Courses: Structured Outlines

    Where a very standardised format is required for a set of Courses, or in fact the whole site, OnlearnLMS provides a feature to extend the LMS Course details, and then load that automatically into the Outline Section at the top of the page within any Course.