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Mobile Views

viewFeaturesOnlearnLMS provides a feature whereby selected Document and resources are made available by an easy to use Mobile friendly view.

Many of the Moodle features are designed for a standard computer screen, or at least a Tablet. The Mobile friendly Resources can be provided in the Mobile View Block, and when accessed via the Mobile View on a Smartphone, that is all that is seen, keeping the interface simple and uncomplicated.

The Mobile Resources BlockĀ  is configured with resources and activities that are suited for viewing in a mobile or smartphone. These items are generall a subset of the whole course, but suited to ad hoc learning in short periods of time.

Here is the view in a normal PC screen.


The OnlearnLMS Mobile view is a simplified interface, suited to “learning on the run”.


Screenshot_2015-07-13-19-25-10 Screenshot_2015-07-13-19-29-54Screenshot_2015-07-13-19-30-06Screenshot_2015-07-13-19-40-39