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Courses: Hidden Resource Area for Teachers only.

viewFeaturesOne of the criticisms with Moodle is the very textual design of the Course layout. OnlearnLMS provides an opportunity to get away from this using a technique whereby the last topic of every course is hidden from Student view, and coloured with a light red background.

Moodle resources and activities can then be loaded therein, and the main Topic Sections can use standard HTML design, or the HTML Labels mentioned below, to provide a far more engaging experience.


Hidden Resource Area

This image below shows an example of the Hidden Resource Area.  NOTE: This example also shows some of the standard HTML Label Templates which are easily duplicated and moved to a student visible location.




Topic View

In the OnlearnLMS way of creating Course content in Moodle, the Topic Sections are able to be designed with text and images that best suit the learning process. Teachers and content creators are not limited to the text links provided for by Moodle.

noteIconThe resources are loaded into the Hidden Resource Area, not visible by students.

However the Resources so loaded are not “hidden” in the way Moodle hides them, otherwise they would not be viewable.




Links to YouTube and Video are made easy, so that these external resources are easily integrated.